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"I am so grateful to have found Monica, a truly excellent teacher. Her style is varied and adaptable whilst at the same time deeply grounded in tradition, her knowledge and expertise is unmatched. She pays attention to every little detail and is able to know intuitively what my body and mind needs on any given day. I have increased my strength and vitality immensely since starting my yoga session with her. I cannot recommend her highly enough"


                                                                               "Therese from London"

"Pretty new student but Monica has been a great teacher so far. Her attention to where I’m at in my practice and where I want to go has been incredible. I’m grateful to have found her and look forward to learning from her"


                                                                            "Nicole Martin from Florida"



"Monica has the ability to translate complex information into easily accessible concepts is first class, I now have an increased understanding of my own body, Her teaching is practical and non-dogmatic, with a real emphasis on finding the variations that work best for individual bodies. Not only is she able to effectively break down poses so that you understand its key components, she then masterfully brings it all back together in a sequence to allow for a truly embodied experience. Plus, she always manages to make it fun, She also pays individual attention to people in the class. She will re-position you to help you get that extra boost from a pose . Once you start you will never stop, Highly recommended!"


                                                                             "Moe.ali chheda from Beirut"


"One in one sessions is highly customised as per the need. Its peaceful place to connect with your body and mind through yogasanas under excellent guidance of yoga guruji Monica. Would highly recommend to try her one class and you will be addicted...she is happy go lucky charm with high positive vibes"


                                                                                "Brijesh from Mumbai"



"Monica is very knowledgable of Yoga. She is very patient with novices like me.. within 4 weeks of sessions with her, I already feel my muscles loosening up, improved flexibility ﹠ less aches ﹠ pains. She is an excellent Yoga teacher."


                                                                                "Mugdha from mumbai"


"I am a beginner when it comes to yoga but I have been athletic my whole life. Monica has been able to work with me as I begin this journey by customizing and varying each yoga session so I always feel challenged but not overwhelmed. Monica is a very good, patient listener and when I I told her that I want to start with the basics but I want her to always be challenging me in terms of flexibility, strength, balance and concentration she was able to develop an enjoyable program for me. I understand this is a life-long pursuit but I always want to be growing and improving and Monica understands this. She is also a stickler for details, doing things the right way and the traditional way. Classic, time tested yoga poses and no cutting corners when it comes to proper technique -- this matches my personality. Finally, she is a very pleasant, kind professional who is easy with a laugh. I look forward to my hourly sessions each week. She is a true pleasure to work with and I would recommend her without reservation."


                                                                                  "Glen from U.S Newyork"


"Monica has worked with my husband for years, and I recently took classes with her. She is skilled and gentle, can figure out each person’s level and customize yoga routines for them. He has a great work ethic and never comes late and is flexible with her time. I have enjoyed my classes and improved my yoga and flexibility"


                                                                                 "Sona from Washington D.C"


"Monica has provided excellent quality Ashtanga yoga to me regularly for the last couple of months. She is extremely attentive to detail and her certifications speak for themselves. I have learned a lot. I love Ashtanga since learning from her and she keeps a variety to change things up and keep us positive. Her classes are a bit pricey but with her education in yoga I can understand that."


                                                                                  "Bijan from Texas U.S"


"Monica is hands down an excellent yoga instructor! I highly recommend her to anyone who’s keen on learning yoga in the purest and most authentic form! She’s thorough with her knowledge on proper alignment of yoga postures and combines them with breath work and give soo many tips and techniques for good body form! Simply awesome. I’m a yoga instructor myself and I’ve been teaching for a while now and continue learning as a student to keep offering my best to my students. Of all the instructors I’ve been to Monica surely stands out as authentic as it can get!! Thank you Monica for the wonderfully enlightening yoga sessions!"


                                                                              "Komal from Chicago U.S"


"Monica is wonderful! Easy to follow instructions and careful attention to form."


                                                                            "Doreen from United States"


"Monica is the best yoga teacher I know. And I have met a lot! She is extremely good at yoga and allows me to push my limits. I take several weekly lessons with Monica, and thanks to her teachings, my level has skyrocketed! Thank you, Monica."


                                                                                 "Jules from France"

"Today I went for a 5 mile walk/run. I came back and did some stretches and push ups. It was quite effortless. 3 years ago this was unthinkable. Monica has transformed my life for the better with her yoga lessons and constant encouragement. Thank you Monica "


                                                                                "Sujoy Bose from India"


"Monica is the kind of Yoga Guru who has a deep knowledge of the domain and can expertly apply the relevant parts to the students' needs, depending on their current level of fitness. I have been training with her for a couple of months now. Even though the training is via video, she makes sure that every little detail is covered. She also has a very serene approach to training, even when she is pushing you to challenge your limits, which makes the practice a fulfilling experience. I am deeply grateful to her for the excellent training and guidance, especially during this lockdown when physical activity is minimal."


                                                                            "Subir Ghosh from Mumbai"


"Well what can I say ..she’s the best..I did yoga sessions with her during pregnancy and I had a normal easy delivery"


                                                                              "Hinisha lakhani from India"


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