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Monica Patel

Yoga Therapist(CEO & FOUNDER)


Born and brought up in a very traditional Gujrati family so I learned Vedic chanting and Hindu traditional rituals from very childhood. When I was a child I was very introverted and had zero self esteem because of some situations in my early life. When I was a teenager to deal with my stress I started exploring many things in life that is how I found Yoga. I still remember my first yoga class experience which changed my life. 


 I began to live the yogic way of life from that early age and embraced spirituality as my routines began with worshipping Lord Krishna and continued with practising asanas, eating satvik food and chanting Maha mantra


I started practicing yoga in parks and people approached me and i started teaching them yoga for free to bring similar positive changes in other people's lives. 

Subjects Covered

Meditation (Beginner-Expert)

Fitness training (Beginner-Intermediate)

Ashtanga Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Iyengar Yoga (Beginner-Intermediate)

Yoga and Naturopathy (Beginner-Intermediate)

Yoga for weight loss (Beginner-Expert)

Yoga for senior citizens (Beginner-Expert)

Pranayama - Breathing techniques (Beginner-Expert)

Yoga for disease management (Beginner-Expert)

Power Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Prenatal Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Hatha Vinyasa Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Therapeutic exercise (Beginner-Intermediate)

Yoga for Kids (Beginner-Expert)

Yin Yoga (Beginner-Intermediate)

Core Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Postnatal Yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Corporate yoga (Beginner-Expert)

Meditation and Mindful living (Beginner-Expert)

Yoga Nidra & Relaxation Techniques (Beginner-Expert)

Work Experience


I have mastered the art of yoga Shastra from Somaiya University, Mumbai and have made a thesis on "Coping Management of depression described in Bhagavat gita".


Completed diploma in yogic science from Kaivalyadham yoga institute which is a well known 100 years old yoga institute founded by Swami Kuvalayananda in 1924, is a spiritual, therapeutic, and research center with a specific aim to coordinate ancient yogic arts and tradition with modern science


Completed primary series of Ashtanga vinyasa from Ashtanga yoga Mysore shalla.


I have done the Happiness Program from Art of Living,Mumbai, which teaches the well-known breathing technique – Sudarshan Kriya.


Also attended the Inner Engineering program from Sadhguru’s ISHA foundation.


I have done Vipassana meditation retreats, where one needs to remain in complete silence for 10 days, with 13 hours of daily meditation practice.


With knowledge from all diverse institutions, I am here to help you learn yoga and cure your problem through yoga therapy.


1.I am currently taking the yoga session of billionaire industrialist Radhika Goenka daughter of Balkrishna goenka (Welspun group),MD Meghna Ghodawat, Dr.Bhaskar Das and many other well known celebrities.


2. I teach for calming mind, relaxation,pranic healing, weight loss, good stamina, flexibility, complete body toning, yoga as per your illness e.g diabetics, arthritis, thyroid, etc. I believe yoga is result oriented because I give my best service no compromise in quality of service.


3. Freelancing in yoga for 13 years now mostly 1:1 now also started doing groups both virtual and in person.


Specialisation:Iyengar Yoga,Traditional Ashtanga yoga, Power yoga,Core yoga,Prenatal yoga, Post natal yoga,Relaxation and Meditation Therapeutic/ Medical yoga.

Served - 12000+ students


Treated all different kinds of patients like suffering from blood pressure, diabetes, cancer,thyroid,etc.


Conducted multiple corporate workshop e.g for dsp investment, sonytv,etc


Recently I did a wellness event at American school of business in Mumbai for teachers and students of ASB.


International yoga day events are conducted in well known places like National college, bandra and Somaiya University.


World certified ashtanga vinyasa yoga teacher


Workshops conducted for meditation, hip opening, backbends and inversions.

Cleared level 1 yoga certification board exam which is recognised by government of India.


Taught International students from switzerland, the United States, etc


Completed my 200 hrs internship from Kaivalyadham yoga institute


Group Sessions


monthly schedule

Private Session


a private lesson

"Monica mam understands & implements postures in class for all to learn in their own pace,without any push or causing injury"


"I think best yoga instructor I have come across. Monica and her team has great knowledge of the asanas and guides you in a right way. You can do at your pace but at the same time they push your limits. This one is not timepass yoga they do hardcore stuff"


"One in one sessions is highly customised as per the need. Its  peaceful place to connect with your body and mind through yogasanas under excellent guidance of yoga guruji Monica. Would highly recommend to try her one class and you will be addicted...she is happy go lucky charm with high positive vibes"


"Good vibe in class. I connect to my teacher and practice"


"Best person to get motivated in life not only yoga but her  philosophy and motivational talk inspires me when i m down"


“The services provided by Yoga teacher is amazing.”



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Yoga Therapist - Monica Patel 

 In Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mobile No +91-9619650319

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